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Lisbon Memory lda, with NIPC 510354807, headquartered at Travessa do Cabral 37 a 39, 1200-074 Lisboa, Portugal is represented by the brand Santa Bica – Eat, Drink & Sleep.


Lisbon Memory lda, hereinafter only referred to as Santa Bica, is responsible for the custody and treatment of all personal data collected, or any personal data you provide us by any means of communication. We undertake to respect the privacy of users, and to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal data received, in strict compliance with current legislation.


All personal data we collect is the exclusive property of Santa Bica. Still, we use software for registration, storage and processing of data, but also comply with the law. None of these software or managing entities own any property on your data, or any right to use outside the terms described herein.

The terms described herein describe our practices in the treatment of personal or business information that you provide to us or that we collect in any medium.

For your knowledge, be aware that this entire privacy policy also extends to personal data collected offline.


It is advisable to read this policy to be informed. Broadly speaking:

We collect personal data in the forms of the site, by registering in our mailing list (Newsletter) or when they contact us in person or by phone.

We do not sell the data you provide to us in any way, nor do we use it for spam emails.

By providing your data you know that you only give us permission for use by our company and for the purposes related to your request or authorization.

Your data will be kept for as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the commercial relationship, commercial consultations, marketing disclosures authorized or requested by you or other legal obligations.

All recorded data may be stored for different times, depending on the type of data, the authorization granted to us and the effect for which they are obtained. They are generally deleted whenever they become obsolete or no longer necessary for any purpose, even if their consent to use is still valid.


Data are not shared with other entities except in the following cases:

The sharing is necessary for the development of the services that we require. In such cases, only the information strictly necessary will be shared. They can be shared with partners who collaborate with Santa Bica in the development of their project or in the creation of budgets. Our work partners are national and guarantee us compliance with this privacy policy, ensuring the same confidentiality and security regarding your data and non-use outside the scope of the project in question.


The software that we use or entities responsible for them, may have access to your data only for support purposes when Santa Bica requests it.

Your data is recorded in systems and software considered to be safe and appropriate to the information we register, and that are always with the necessary updates and advised by them. We always seek that the data is protected in the best way, using safe software so that it is not accessed in an improper way.


Personal data we collect and why:

Website: Santa Bica collects some data on the website, to give you a better browsing experience and to understand how our users interact with our website. This data is collected by so-called cookies and other digital tracking technologies (beacons or web pixels), installed on the website and linked to third party secure software, such as google analytics tools.


Some cookies are merely functional so we can show you videos and other features. The data collected in this way are about your IP, the navigation browser you use, your location, where you got to our page, etc.


They serve for different operating purposes, statistics and behavior monitoring. Learn all about the cookies we use and what they are for: Santa Bica Cookies


Contact requests through forms on the website or other means of communication: Personal data provided directly by users in the contact request forms (on our website) or provided by any other means of communication, for information requests or commercial queries are only property of our company and are treated in a confidential way, respecting their rights. This data is only used for the proper effects and follow-up of the contact made and will not be sold or used for marketing actions or sending of marketing communication emails, nor for any other unsolicited and unsolicited purposes.


Customer Data: When becoming our customer you will have to provide us with the most varied data: commercial or personal contacts, data for legal purposes, etc. All your contacts as a customer are registered for the proper purposes, and Santa Bica can use them for legal purposes, or for contacts about our business relationship by telephone, email or other means of contact that provides us with this information ( skype, whatsapp, etc).


Other user data: The requests for contacts or requests for proposals that we receive arrive at us from different means of communication, and this data will only be stored to the proper effect, depending on the request made. This data is only saved so we can respond to incoming requests.


How is your data used?

Data collected and supplied directly from customers, potential customers, suppliers or other entities will be used for the management of the necessary legal effects or commercial contacts, as well as for the communication of information relevant to the development or improvement of projects proposed or awarded.

Data provided only for information requests or inquiries are only used for this purpose, and are not the subject of our newsletter communications. If you are interested you can register and receive it to keep informed of our activity.

Personal or business data collected from customers may be shared with our employees or suppliers and used for the development of services and works proposed and awarded, and only data that are strictly necessary will be provided.

By relating to us, our clients understand and authorize that their personal data and means of contact can be used by Santa Bica for mandatory legal effects or any necessary contact for the awarded projects, in order to follow up on their work.

As we also provided our own email on the website, we received some direct emails from requests for information or sending user résumés. These data and curricula are analyzed by Santa Bica so that we can give an answer. This type of information shared and sent by users is only used in order to be able to respond properly to the request made. They will not be used for marketing purposes.

All means of contact or curricula are stored for an indefinite period, which is until they are considered out of date or can be eliminated immediately if they are not considered useful or relevant.


What security measures do we use?

Santa Bica diligently and adequately protects all personal data collected or sent, with the necessary data encryption, and respecting the security policy and the permissions to process all personal data. We use only software’s or entities that guarantee us the same security and confidentiality, and always carry out the necessary updates.


External websites: Santa Bica provides links to third party websites either on the site or by sending suggestions to customers for viewing, and this privacy policy only applies to our company and our website Therefore, when browsing these other sites should consult the respective privacy policy.


Children’s Data and Privacy: Santa Bica does not collect, in conscience, any personal data of children or minors. If this is found, this data will be deleted immediately.


Rights and Access to Your Data

You can always have access to all the data that we have registered about you, as well as ask us to update them or delete them.

We always appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that your personal information is correct. As such, we request that you contact us whenever you want to inform us of any changes.


Policy update

All new updates to this policy will be published on our website, on this page or in a similar case if we change the website, so you should consult them whenever you need or have questions. And you can always contact us in case of doubt.

Original language of question: PT Last updated: 30 May 2019


Means of contact

In case of any doubt, question, request for access or modification, or any other communication that you want to send, you only have to send us your request for the email

You will always have a timely response and be treated with the utmost confidentiality.